487th Bomb Group (H)
Station 137 - Lavenham, Suffolk, UK
22-Sep-43 to 7-Nov-45

Combat Missions

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# Date Target Notes
1Sunday, May 7, 1944LiegeMarshalling Yards
2Monday, May 8, 1944BrusselsMarshalling Yards
3Tuesday, May 9, 1944LaonLaon-Couvron Airfield
4Thursday, May 11, 1944TroyesChaumont Marshalling Yards - Mighty 8th War Diary - "487th B-24 abandoned over English coast reversed direction after crew baled and crashed in Chichester, 1 killed."
5Saturday, May 20, 1944LiegeMarshalling Yards - Mighty 8th War Diary - "..one 487BG B-24 crashed after t/o at ... Long Melford (6k)."
6Tuesday, May 23, 1944Etampes MondesirEtampes-Mondesir Airfield
7Wednesday, May 24, 1944PoixPoix Airfield
8Thursday, May 25, 1944Montigne sur SombresCharleroi Marshalling Yards
9Saturday, May 27, 1944MetzMetz Aero-Engine Works
10Sunday, May 28, 1944LutzkendorfLutzkendorf Oil Refinery - Mighty 8th War Diary - "Bomb group losses:.. 487BG -1"
11Monday, May 29, 1944PolitzPolitz Oil Refinery - Mighty 8th War Diary - "Bomb group losses:.. 487BG -1"
12Tuesday, May 30, 1944MunsterMunster-Handorf Airfield - Mighty 8th War Diary - "487BG B-24 ditched near Lowestoft, 8 saved"
13Wednesday, May 31, 1944(abandoned)Mighty 8th War Diary - indicates "Weather caused abandonment of attacks on some primaries"
14Sunday, June 4, 1944BretignyBretigny Airfield
15Tuesday, June 6, 1944CaenCrossroads at Caen, France
16Tuesday, June 6, 1944Thury-HarcourtRailroad bridge, France
17Tuesday, June 6, 1944LisieuxLisieux Crossroads, France
18Wednesday, June 7, 1944MontjeanMontjean Bridge - Mighty 8th War Diary - "Bomb group losses: 487BG - 1."
19Thursday, June 8, 1944ToursCinq Mars Bridge, France
20Sunday, June 11, 1944ArgentanArgentan Airfield, France
21Monday, June 12, 1944BeauvaisBeauvais-Nivellers Airfield
22Wednesday, June 14, 1944Lille VendevilleLille-Vendeville and Laon Airfields
23Thursday, June 15, 1944Etampes MondesirEtampes-Mondesir Airfield
24Saturday, June 17, 1944Alencon LonrayAlencon Airfield
25Tuesday, June 20, 1944MisburgMisburg Oil Refinery - Mighty 8th War Diary - "Bomb group losses: 487BG - 1."
26Tuesday, June 20, 1944Pas de CalaisV-Weapon site, France
27Thursday, June 22, 1944Pas de CalaisV-Weapon site, France
28Friday, June 23, 1944Coulommiers JuvincourtCoulommiers and Juvincourt Airfields - Mighty 8th War Diary - "Bomb group losses: 487BG - 1."
29Saturday, June 24, 1944ChateaudunChateaudun Airfield
30Sunday, June 25, 1944BourgesBourges Airfield
31Sunday, June 25, 1944Romilly-Sur-SeineNantueil Bridge
32Tuesday, June 27, 1944DomlegerDomleger Militaty Installation, France
33Friday, June 30, 1944Conches EverauxConches and Evreux airfields, France
34Sunday, July 2, 1944Belloy-Sur-SommeV-Weapon site, France - Mighty 8th War Diary - "Bomb group losses: 487BG - 1. 487BG B-24 crashed near Dunmow, crew bailed.
35Tuesday, July 4, 1944CreilCreil Airfield, France
36Wednesday, July 5, 1944EindhovenEindhoven Airfield, Holland
37Thursday, July 6, 1944Belloy-Sur-SommeV-Weapon site, France
38Saturday, July 8, 1944Laloge Au PainV-Weapon site, France - Mighty 8th War Diary - "1 487th B-24 Cat E (Damaged beyond economical repair while engaged in performing operational mission)"
39Sunday, July 9, 1944FranceV-Weapon site, France
40Wednesday, July 12, 1944FranceV-Weapon site, France
41Friday, July 14, 1944PeronnePeronne Airfield, France
42Monday, July 17, 1944GienRailroad bridge, France - Mighty 8th War Diary - "487BG B-24 cr. approach Lavenham A/F"
43Tuesday, July 18, 1944FrenouvilleGerman troop concentrations, France
44Wednesday, July 19, 1944SaarbruckenMarshalling Yards
45Thursday, July 20, 1944RusselsheimFactory at Russelsheim, Germany
46Friday, July 21, 1944KemptenKempten Aircraft Factory, Germany - final B-24 mission for the group
47Tuesday, August 1, 1944ToursTours Airfield, France - First mission after transition to B-17's
48Wednesday, August 2, 1944Val-des-JoncsLa Briqueterie and Val-des-Joncs V-Weapon sites, France
49Thursday, August 3, 1944Joigny-LarocheJoigny railroad bridge, France
50Friday, August 4, 1944NordholzHamburg Oil Refinery, Germany
51Saturday, August 5, 1944MagdeburgMageburg Airplane Factory - Mighty 8th War Diary - "Bomb group losses: .. 487BG - 1"
52Sunday, August 6, 1944BerlinBerlin Industrial Plant - Mighty 8th War Diary - "Bomb group losses: .. 487BG - 1"
53Monday, August 7, 1944JussyJussy Railroad Bridge, France
54Tuesday, August 8, 1944St. SylvainGround support near Saint Sylvain, France
55Wednesday, August 9, 1944NurembergNuremberg Ball Bearing works original target, target of opportunity marshalling yard in St. Vith Belgium actually bombed
56Friday, August 11, 1944VillacoublayBelfort Marshalling yards and Billacoublay Airfield, France
57Sunday, August 13, 1944Seine & DreauxTactical Support of Ground Troops
58Monday, August 14, 1944Mannheim-SandhofenSandhofen Airfield, Germany
59Tuesday, August 15, 1944Twente-EnschedeTrente Airfield, Holland
60Wednesday, August 16, 1944RositzRositz and Zeitz Oil Refineries, Germany
61Friday, August 18, 1944St. DizierSt. Dizier Airfield, France
62Thursday, August 24, 1944DresdenFreital Oil Refinery, Germany
63Friday, August 25, 1944RechlinRechlin Experimental Airfield, Germany
64Saturday, August 26, 1944BrestCoastal defenses at Brest, France
65Sunday, August 27, 1944BerlinEngine factory
66Friday, September 1, 1944RusselsheimClouds at the French coast forced turn back
67Sunday, September 3, 1944BrestTactical Targets, France
68Friday, September 8, 1944MainzSupply depot, Germany
69Saturday, September 9, 1944DusseldorfArmament factory, Germany
70Sunday, September 10, 1944NurembergTank and motor factory, Germany
71Monday, September 11, 1944BohlenOil refinery, Germany
72Tuesday, September 12, 1944MagdeburgOil refinery, Germany
73Wednesday, September 13, 1944DarmstadtMarshalling yards, Germany
74Sunday, September 17, 1944Schouwen IslandFlak gun emplacements, Holland
75Tuesday, September 19, 1944LimburgBridge at Limburg, Germany
76Friday, September 22, 1944KasselTank factory, Germany
77Monday, September 25, 1944LudwigshafenMarshalling yards, Germany
78Tuesday, September 26, 1944BremenMotor factory, Germany
79Wednesday, September 27, 1944LudwigshafenChemical plant, Germany
80Thursday, September 28, 1944MerseburgOil refinery, Germany
81Saturday, September 30, 1944BielefeldMarshalling yards, Germany
82Monday, October 2, 1944KasselTank factory, Germany
83Tuesday, October 3, 1944NurembergTank factory, Germany
84Friday, October 6, 1944BerlinArmor depot
85Saturday, October 7, 1944LutzkendorfOil refinery, Germany
86Monday, October 9, 1944MainzMarshalling yards, Germany
87Saturday, October 14, 1944CologneMarshalling yards, Germany
88Sunday, October 15, 1944CologneMarshalling yards, Germany
89Tuesday, October 17, 1944CologneMarshalling yards, Germany
90Wednesday, October 18, 1944KasselMarshalling yards, Germany
91Thursday, October 19, 1944MannheimMotor transport works, Germany
92Sunday, October 22, 1944MunsterMarshalling yards, Germany
93Thursday, October 26, 1944HanoverGun factory, Germany
94Saturday, October 28, 1944HammMarshalling yards, Germany
95Thursday, November 2, 1944MerseburgOil refinery, Germany
96Saturday, November 4, 1944NeuenkirchenCoking plant, Germany
97Sunday, November 5, 1944LudwigshafenChemical works, Germany
98Monday, November 6, 1944NeumunsterMarshalling yards, Germany
99Thursday, November 9, 1944SaarbruckenFort at Thionville, France and Marshalling yards, Saarbrucken, Germany
100Saturday, November 11, 1944OberlahnsteinMarshalling yards, Germany
101Thursday, November 16, 1944LangerweheTroop concentration, Duren area, Germany
102Tuesday, November 21, 1944(recalled)Target was to be oil refinery, Merseburg, Germany
103Saturday, November 25, 1944MerseburgOil refinery, Germany
104Sunday, November 26, 1944HammMarshalling yards, Germany
105Monday, November 27, 1944BingenMarshalling yards, Germany
106Thursday, November 30, 1944MerseburgOil refinery, Germany
107Saturday, December 2, 1944CobblingMarshalling yards at Cobbling, Germany (mission recalled near I.P.)
108Monday, December 4, 1944MainzMarshalling yards, Germany
109Wednesday, December 6, 1944MerseburgOil refinery, Germany
110Monday, December 11, 1944GiessenMarshalling yards, Germany
111Tuesday, December 12, 1944DarmstadtMarshalling yards, Germany
112Friday, December 15, 1944HannoverMarshalling yards, Germany
113Monday, December 18, 1944MainzMarshalling yards, Germany
114Sunday, December 24, 1944BabenhausenAirfield at Babenhausen, Germany - 487th led the 8th Air Force on this mission
115Thursday, December 28, 1944CoblenzMarshalling yards, Germany
116Friday, December 29, 1944AschaffenburgMarshalling yards, Germany
117Saturday, December 30, 1944MannheimMarshalling yards, Germany
118Sunday, December 31, 1944HamburgOil refinery, Germany
119Monday, January 1, 1945EhmenOil storage depot at Ehmen and Marshalling yards at Coblenz, Germany
120Tuesday, January 2, 1945Nalbach AreaEnemy positions, tactical targets, Germany
121Wednesday, January 3, 1945AschaffenburgMarshalling yards at Aschaffenburg and Pforzheim, Germany
122Saturday, January 6, 1945LudwigshafenMarshalling yards, Germany
123Sunday, January 7, 1945PaderbornRailroad workshops, Germany
124Monday, January 8, 1945FrankfurtMarshalling yards, Germany
125Saturday, January 13, 1945MainzMarshalling yards, Germany
126Sunday, January 14, 1945MagdeburgOil refinery at Magdeburg and Marshalling yards, at Osnabruck, Germany
127Monday, January 15, 1945AugsburgMarshalling yards, Germany
128Tuesday, January 16, 1945DessauMarshalling yards, Germany
129Thursday, January 18, 1945KaiserlauternMarshalling yards, Germany
130Saturday, January 20, 1945HeilbronnMarshalling yards at Heilbronn and Pforzheim, Germany
131Sunday, January 21, 1945MannheimMarshalling yards, Germany
132Sunday, January 28, 1945HohenbudbergMarshalling yards, Germany
133Monday, January 29, 1945KasselMarshalling yards, Germany
134Thursday, February 1, 1945WeselHighway bridge
135Saturday, February 3, 1945BerlinCity center
136Tuesday, February 6, 1945ChemnitzCity center
137Friday, February 9, 1945WeimarMotor transport factory
138Wednesday, February 14, 1945DulmenOil storage depot
139Thursday, February 15, 1945CotbusMarshalling yards, Germany
140Friday, February 16, 1945HammMarshalling yards, Germany
141Saturday, February 17, 1945FrankfurtMarshalling yards at Frankfurt and Giessen
142Tuesday, February 20, 1945NuremburgRailroad station
143Wednesday, February 21, 1945Nuremburg 
144Thursday, February 22, 1945AnsbachMarshalling yards, Germany
145Friday, February 23, 1945NeumarktMarshalling yards, Germany
146Saturday, February 24, 1945BremenShipyards
147Sunday, February 25, 1945NeuburgUnderground oil depot
148Monday, February 26, 1945BerlinTransportation system
149Wednesday, February 28, 1945KasselMarshalling yards
150Thursday, March 1, 1945UlmMarshalling yards
151Friday, March 2, 1945DresdenTraffic center
152Saturday, March 3, 1945BrunswickIndustrial targets
153Wednesday, March 7, 1945Castrop-RauxelOil refinery at Catrop-Rauxel and Marshalling yards at Siegen
154Thursday, March 8, 1945FrankfurtJet engine factory at Frankfurt and Marshalling yards at Giessen
155Friday, March 9, 1945FrankfurtMarshalling yards
156Saturday, March 10, 1945DortmundMarshalling yards
157Sunday, March 11, 1945HamburgIndustrial area and shipyards
158Monday, March 12, 1945MarburgMarshalling yards
159Wednesday, March 14, 1945HannoverTank factory
160Thursday, March 15, 1945OraienburgMarshalling yards
161Saturday, March 17, 1945RuhlandOil refinery
162Sunday, March 18, 1945BerlinMarshalling yards
163Monday, March 19, 1945ZwickauCommunications center
164Wednesday, March 21, 1945WittmundhafenAirfield
165Thursday, March 22, 1945KupferdrehBarracks area
166Friday, March 23, 1945HolzwickedeMarshalling yards at Holzwickede and Aluminum works at Meschede
167Saturday, March 24, 1945VarrelbuschAirfield
168Wednesday, March 28, 1945HannoverMarshalling yards
169Friday, March 30, 1945HamburgOil refinery
170Saturday, March 31, 1945BrandenburgPrimary obsured by clouds (unsure what the primary was), as notes say Brandenburg was selected as target of opportunity
171Tuesday, April 3, 1945Kiel DocksHarbor installations
172Wednesday, April 4, 1945Kiel DocksHarbor installations
173Thursday, April 5, 1945FurthOrdnance depot
174Saturday, April 7, 1945ParchimAirfield
175Sunday, April 8, 1945HofMarshalling yards
176Monday, April 9, 1945NeuburgOil storage depot
177Tuesday, April 10, 1945BrandenburgAirfield at Briest - Four Aircraft in group shot down, 3 by Me-262, 1 by flak - 3 other aircraft evidently lost, but no MACR on them
178Wednesday, April 11, 1945IngolstadtAirfield
179Saturday, April 14, 1945RoyanHeavy gun emplacement, France
180Sunday, April 15, 1945RoyanFortifications in Royan area, France
181Monday, April 16, 1945RoyanTank traps, Royan area, France
182Tuesday, April 17, 1945DresdenMarshalling yards
183Thursday, April 19, 1945Pirna BridgeRail and road bridge, Germany
184Friday, April 20, 1945NeuruppinMarshalling yards
185Saturday, April 21, 1945IngolstadtJet airfield in the Munich area

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