487th Bomb Group (H)
Station 137 - Lavenham, Suffolk, UK
22-Sep-43 to 7-Nov-45

Group of officers of the 837th Squadron
From Back to Front, Left to Right: 2nd Lt Charles Eubank (pilot), Captain Richard M. Munson (pilot), Captain Richard M. Gile (pilot), 1st Lt William A. Yowell (pilot), 1st Lt Theobold G. Remaklus (pilot)
1st Lt Bernard T Nolan (copilot), 2nd Lt Thomas C. Valentine (copilot), 2nd Lt. John L. Sada (navigator), 2nd Lt. Royal K. Snell (copilot, 2nd Lt. Robert J. O'Connell (bombardier), Major Aloysius J Ganey (group navigator)
2nd Lt. Francis.W. Nelson (navigator), 2nd Lt. Harold E. McDougall (navigator), 1st Lt. Clement J. Kochczynski (copilot), 2nd Lt. Bernhard W. Nelson (navigator), 2nd Lt. James G. Brooks (navigator)
2nd Lt. David O. Wilcox (bombardier), 2nd Lt. Francis W. Moan (bombardier), 2nd Lt. Bertram Newmark (bombardier), 1st Lt. Virgil H. Bailey (bombardier), F/O William C. Gee (copilot)
It appears these are the officers from the Eubank, Munson, Gile, Yowell, and Remaklus crews in the rows from left to right
(Photo supplied by Brad Nelson, and it also appears in Barney Nolan's book)

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